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Garena Free Fire Hack

With the advent of games like PUBG, this whole genre of battle royal games are becoming increasingly popular. In this genre comes a very popular game known as Garena Free Fire (Which was previously known from a different name of Free Fire- Battlegrounds). This game is feature packed.

The prominent game modes such as solo queue and squad mode make a return. While this game may look like a third person shooter but its main goal differs from that of a shooter. Its main goal is to survive till the end until you get that satisfying first rank. To help you get first, we have Garena Free Fire Hack.

Garena Free Fire Is Popular

With more than 10 million downloads, smooth graphics, better controls and the cherry on the cake come from regular updates, you are sure not to be disappointed if you decide to pick this game up.

So, you have decided to give this game a shot. You have completed two or maybe three games before giving up. The reason for which is that you die very quickly and way too early. Don’t worry, we all have been there. No one was born to kill.

That is why we are here to provide you our latest Garena Free Fire Hack today. 

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Garena Free Fire Tips And Tricks

Read this Garena Free Fire guide to make sure that you are never that first person to be killed. This guide will serve as a holistic improvement to your game if you follow each and every step in it. This guide is for them who are not willing to use our Garena Free Fire Hack.

his game begins with you and 49 others all struggling and battling it out with just one goal in mind, to get that #1 spot in the lobby. Once you tap your preferred game mode, you are thrown into a plane which forces you to land on an island.

The moment you tap your eject button and make a successful landing, the hunt begins.

At first, you hunt for supplies. You have to find all the items because you start the game with none. You have to look for guns, ammo, health, armor, etc. which would help you survive and kill anyone who comes in your way.

Another noteworthy thing is the play zone, which can be easily seen at the top left-hand corner of your screen, on your minimap. This is a significant factor to keep a note of. Throughout the course of your game, this zone shrinks and reduces in size to serve two basic purposes.

 Make it easier for players to find each other and to reduce the amount of running or driving it to take to enter into your next gunfight. Also, if you stay outside the play zone, you would face a continuous decrement in your health.

This stacks up meaning that the longer you stay outside, the weaker you get. Also, the later the game, the more the health you lose per second.

Also, look out for the danger zone. This zone is where there is constantly bombarding. If you are lucky, then you would die there because of the one shot one kill nature of the zone. These were the basics for someone still figuring this game out.


Garena free fire: Advanced tips and tricks:


If you are yearning for that juicy first rank, getting there is not an easy feat to do. This game can be very ruthless at its best. So, make sure you always follow the Garena Free Fire Hack which are about to follow such that you always come out on top:

Don’t land at the very popular places:


If you are into PUBG, then you must have heard of about either pochinki or boot camp. You may also know that landing their early game is an old grave unless you are good, that is. The same thing applies here.

Since at the start of the game no one has anything, so the one who gets the weapons first has the advantage. Imagine landing on a place where there are already 10 people all armed to their teeth, while you are still looking for a viable pair of pants. You are bound to die in such a situation. So, just don’t land in a crowdy place if you want to survive.


Remember, it is not a shooting game, also bring out the hidden camper in you:


This is not Call of duty. You don’t have to prove to the world that you are the next American sniper.

All you need to do in a game like this is survive to come out at the top. Finding good supplies, sneaking like a ninja, being aware of the play and the danger zones at all times are the only things you need to keep in your mind. Search and survive is the only mantra that would make you the winner here without using Garena Free Fire Hack.


It’s always good to rock that pair of headphones you bought:


If you have seen some live streams of some popular players, you might have noticed that they all wear headphones.

They don’t do that just to look cool. It serves a much higher purpose than that. Wearing headphones enables you to listen to enemy movements, gunfights, and the sound of the vehicles, and also you can identify the source of them very easily. This gives you an advantage over the ones who just wouldn’t use their headphones.

Peek-a-boo, I see you:

All of the game revolves around surviving, camping, and finally winning the game. Since most of the time, you will be running and avoiding players to survive the end game becomes that much more crucial.

The first one to see the enemy and fill them with bullets wins. Be sure that you are the one with those sharp eyes. In the off chance that you are being hunted brings out the dancer in you.

Always remember if you are in a situation like this, don’t be like Rickon, run in a zig-zag manner until you find cover because not all of your enemies will be like Ramsay and let you run for a while. The will be as merciless as Cercie and will utilize the opportunity to eliminate you.

Well, that concludes our Garena Free Fire Hack and tricks. Remember that in the game of Garena free fire, you either camp or you die. There is no middle ground.


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